Our formulation code of ethics
has never changed

  • We fine-tune our dry extract contents to ensure the safety
    and uniformity of the product
  • We create intelligent active ingredient synergies for all-around
    support and stimulation

Truly different dietary supplementation

  • Rapid onset of action
  • Reduced number of doses
  • Increase in absorption methods
  • Controlled release of active ingredients
  • Increased gastroprotection (96% of the active ingredients are protected)
  • Extended release of active ingredients (Well-Being Sleep)
  • Delayed release



The Phytogranules concept is a patented technique comprising a micro-granule coated with a semi-permeable membrane to protect the active ingredients and control their release.


The Phytogranules thus ensures, through its multi-particulate galenic form, optimum availability of the active ingredients by boosting the exchange surface area.

Using standardised titrated dry extract, ensures the active ingredients remain stable and also provides controlled release (gastric protection).


Safety Advantages

The number of doses is highly reduced compared to plant powders. Greater user comfort through the optimum controlled release of the active ingredients.


The multi-particulate form provides controlled availability of the active ingredient..


The 6 golden rules of the PhytoVitality range:

  1. 100% natural active ingredients, no colorants and no GMO's.

  2. Sequential formulations and active ingredient combinations working synergistically to restore the body's natural balance.

  3. Detox potential to help flush out toxins and encourage absorption of the active ingredients.

  4. Total bioavailabilty for optimal active ingredient absorption.

  5. 100% biocompatibility means respect for natural energy channels and penetrating benefits for the body without side effects. Will not overload the body.

  6. Innovative dosage forms and active ingredients.
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